Keratoconus Treatment

The cornea is the clear window in the front of the eye. Keratoconus is a condition where the cornea is cone shaped, and the surface is irregular resulting in distorted vision. It commonly affects both eyes, with one eye usually worse than the other. The cause is still unknown, but there is a strong family inheritance.

Many people are initially unaware they have this disease. Despite accurate measurements, the vision is still poor even with new glasses. In advanced cases of keratoconus, glasses or soft contact lenses do not adequately correct the vision. In these cases, more advanced keratoconus hard contact lenses should improve visual acuity. If the disease further progresses; surgery, including corneal transplantation may be necessary.

Most opticals do not have the training and are unable to fit these patients correctly. This leads patients down the scary road, of having run out of options, and being told that they need surgery. Most of the time, that is not the case. You just need an eye doctor with more experience in treating these patients.

Are you wearing uncomfortable custom-made gas permeable lenses, or wearing the old-school hard scleral lens? Are your eyes always red, and the vision not as good as you want? Contact us for an evaluation.

Instead of using hard lenses, we prefer to use state of the art soft scleral lenses. Yes, soft! Soft scleral lenses are more comfortable and allow more air to get to the eye. Most importantly, poorly fit hard gas perm lenses, can rub on the corneal surface causing a worsening of the keratoconus, leading you down the path of a corneal transplant. Let us switch you to a soft scleral lens today!

At Vision One, we have decades of experience treating the most difficult keratoconus patients, and we can treat you too! Contact us today for your evaluation.