Comprehensive eye exams

A comprehensive eye exam is a proactive step that you can take in order to protect the long-term prospects of your sight. At Vision One, we have been providing comprehensive eye exams for over 40 years, so we know this is about more than just reading a chart. We are not your typical big box eye doctor, and we care much more about your eye health, than just selling you a pair of glasses.

Getting you to see clearly out of glasses and/or contact lenses is the easy part. Besides for checking your vision, we will also assess the status of your overall eye health, including but not limited to: cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eye, diabetes, blood pressure, retina holes among other vision threatening diseases. That is where our passion truly lies, as Drs William and Jason Brand have worked side-by-side with some of the most respected ophthalmologists in the industry, to bring their training to your community.

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