Since the days of the original hard lenses, substantial developments have occurred in contact lens materials and designs. Newer contact lenses offer patients improved comfort and wearing experiences as well as greater independence from glasses.

Vision One Family Eye Care offers a unique combination of services for patients, including:

Contact Lens Types

The variety of contact lenses fit by Vision One Family Eye Care are as diverse as the patients we treat. Modern computer technology has made it possible to manufacture contact lenses in materials and in geometrical designs that could not have been made only a few years ago. We utilizes state-of-the-art contact lens fitting sets, and computerized contact lens design technology to handle virtually any contact lens fitting requirement.

From contact lenses for simple nearsightedness and farsightedness, to more complicated designs for astigmatism and bifocal needs, to the most complex contact lens designs for a post-surgical fitting, and for eyes with diseases that require highly specialized contact lenses just to obtain useable vision, Dr. Brand can handle it all.

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